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Key Funtions

Keybinds and other commands:

F1 – Mobile Phone
F2 – Inventory
F3 – Emotes Menu
, comma – Toggle voice range and ` to toggle your gta5 voice range(key below esacpe key)
[ – Pet Menu
F9 – UI menu
F10 – List of Players
Y – Will open the unlocked car trunk
U – Lock/Unlock Owned car doors
` – Handsup
M – vMenu (Only opens if you are admin and you have permissions assigned.)

NVOIP (In Game Voice Chat)

Z – Radio Chat

/takehostage (To take the next person as hostage, You need pistol to do this)
/toggleui (To open/close the right top HUD)
/e emotename ( to play emote through commands)
/walk walkstyle ( To change your walk style)
/keys to manage your house keys