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Mafia Town Roleplay – General Rules – Roleplay

Rules & Explanation

Common Decency

As community members it’s expected that players will treat each other with common decency, everyone in this community should feel welcome as we try to promote a positive environment . No matter what background someone comes from, any form of out-of-character discrimination is forbidden and can result in a community ban if severe enough.

If asked to not use certain words that are generally considered offensive or inappropriate in an OOC chat, for any reason and in any form (i.e. voice, text, RP, etc.) then you must stop using them immediately.

Not Here for Roleplay

Here at Mafia Town Roleplay we discourage Player-versus-Player, Play-To-Win and ruleplaying environments where if the actions that individuals take are not for the benefit of roleplay they may be subject to a punishment for Not Here to Roleplay. Players are expected to be taking actions that are for the benefit of the roleplay environment at all times.

Players who repeatedly bug abuse for personal gain are subject to Not Here for Roleplay and will face punishment.

Players that show an excessive Play-To-Win, Player-versus-Player or ruleplaying mentality will be subject to review pending a punishment for Not Here to Roleplay.

The punishment for not being here for roleplay, is a permanent ban, where the individual is subject to an appeal process in order to mend the behavior they’re exhibiting within the environment where it can be reformed to benefit the roleplay environment. As well as to clear up any miscommunications, misunderstandings or misrepresentations about their roleplay. But only through the appeal process are they able to be unbanned.

If the individual has been banned three times for Not Here To Roleplay, they are subject to a three month cooldown before they can appeal again.


Administrative Discretion and Intention of the Rules

This gives Moderators the ability to punish players for offenses not listed in the rules when a community member’s actions or general conduct creates a negative playing experience for another player and/or is detrimental to the realistic roleplaying quality we’re trying to create on this server.. This ruling or punishment must be approved by a Senior Moderator.

For example if a community member is seen harming the roleplay environment, or not living up to the quality or expectations of the environment the Staff Team will work to direct the community member to change their roleplay to better fit the server environment and quality. This will also involve a punishment for breaking a rule, even though it’s not a written example.

It is impossible for us to list every example or variation of the rules. It’s also impossible to word everything perfectly. Players are expected to understand the intent of the rules and not attempt to “toe the line” or use loopholes to get around the intent of the rule.  Any community member abusing loopholes within Community Guidelines is subject to severe punishment.

In situations where you believe this rule was mis-applied please open a Staff Complaint.


Committing actions or assisting with the committing of actions that break, lesser, or fracture roleplay is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. These actions include the following:

  1. Crime Sensitive Areas include government buildings currently in use, legal **scripted** businesses and official player run events. (Pillbox MD and all other MD properties, as well as server run events are considered Crime Free Zones)
  1. With respect to legal businesses, the CSA area covered is specific to the interior of the business and would realistically only cover the inside of the property and the front/back/side door(s) and entrance/exit areas (i.e. a small clothing store’s CSA wouldn’t extend to the entire block or street on which it is located)
  2. All military installations are RPly populated even when physically not (I.E. Fort Zancudo, Aircraft Carrier) this would make it impossible to do any crime (I.E. growing weed and cooking cocaine) near these areas as they are constantly watched RPly by the military.
  3. Included areas are to be considered populated, potentially guarded. Examples of roleplay that would need Mod+ Approval
  1. Any type of raid on a government property with the intent to steal property, kidnap, or harm others.
  2. Any major crime that would have major consequences for you or another player character(s).
  1. Examples of roleplay that would not need Mod+ Approval
  1. Fleeing or spoiling evidence in an attempt to protect yourself from criminal charges.
  2. Any minor crime that would have light consequences for you or another player’s character(s).
  1. Running into the no-crime-zones or crime-sensitive areas listed above to avoid an active situation except for cases where a player has not committed a crime during the situation and is fleeing to the Police Department. Emergency services may also bring individuals to one of these locations.
  2. Using any form of a vehicle for a non-roleplay reason or performing non-roleplay behavior while using them. This includes but is not limited to;
  1. “Finishing Taps” is the act of seeing an individual with very low health and tapping them with your vehicle to finish them off, and/or to knock them down without cause.
  2. Reckless operation of vehicles in an excessive manner that endangers your life or lives of those around you without a valid roleplay reason.
  3. Performing unrealistic maneuvers on vehicles that shouldn’t be able to perform them (e.g. Driving quickly on rough off-road terrain using a drag bike or supercar OR driving up excessively steep hills that no vehicle should be able to handle.)
  4. Stunt jumping is permitted under immersive circumstances that involve hobbies/leisure sports, they’re however, forbidden in circumstances such as/similar to pursuits/chases. Individuals must still be fearful or value their life when stunt jumping.  
  1. Failing to value your own, or another individual’s life. (Examples below)
  1. An individual must fear for their life if there is a firearm, or any weapon that is life threatening, is aimed at them (even if it is only RPly). If a player is inside a vehicle with the ENGINE ALREADY ON, you are permitted to flee for your life before a weapon is fired. Once a player is fired at, they are permitted to flee – at this point the individual would have reasonable suspicion that their life is coming to end, making it reasonable for them to make an attempt to flee in their final moments.
  2. An individual may not commit RP suicide.
  3. An individual is expected to still be fearful if they are in a vehicle or not.
  4. Legal group members with an emergency button are expected to fear for their life if the above guidelines are being met. Under these circumstances, an emergency button should not be pressed as this would be viewed as not fearing for your life unless you actively attempt to roleplay pressing the button discreetly. To roleplay pressing the button discreetly it should look like: /me attempts to press the emergency button while shielding the radio from view by those holding him/her hostage /do would he/she be able to discreetly press the button. The hostage taker/criminal with the gun on the legal group member needs to respond with a /do and then, if successful, you may press your button.
  5. Using your radio while your life is being threatened.
  6. Pushing a player out of your car at MD when they have life threatening injuries.
  7. Running into an active shootout, or a shootout that has ended, in which you had no involvement in order to loot individuals.
  8. Players in a combat situation cannot return until combat has ceased if they have been treated at MD.
  1. If a suspect is seen at an NCZ or CSA they are allowed to make a reasonable attempt to leave the area if law enforcement attempts to apprehend them, so long as they are not breaking other rules (i.e. Fear RP). Law Enforcement should not open fire for any reason other than the immediate threat of their life ending as they must fear for civilians’ lives around them as well as theirs. Firing at law enforcement in these areas is strictly prohibited except in cases when law enforcement has opened fire on the suspect first with LETHALweapons. Allies may not assist suspects in these areas, but may assist after the suspect has successfully left the NCZ or CSA.
  2. Failing to value, or use proper voice communications for roleplay. This includes but is not limited to;
  1. Trolling, flaming, or insulting another community member in-game in an Out-Of-Character capacity.
  1. Failing to use or the misuse of character identities. This includes but not limited to;
  1. Failing to use the proper name format of “John Doe”
  2. Using celebrities’ names.
  3. Vulgar language in a name.
  1. Any Furniture that is immersive and believable to be outside is allowed.
  1. No floating furniture and no object built un-immersively will be allowed.
  1. No individual has the ability to pause any form of roleplay or attempt to do so for any reason without direct instruction from a Staff Member. This includes using out of character (/b) excessively to complain about or attempt to alter roleplay when it results in substantial pause or delay of roleplay
  2. Committing crimes that would result in major consequences for you or another player character(s) during the day (6am-10pm) in busy locations (the bank, busy roads, or areas that would be considered populated RP’ly) is prohibited. This excludes fleeing or spoiling evidence in an attempt to protect yourself from criminal charges. Criminal activity should be discrete and off-radar.
  3. Committing crimes in locations such as banks, government buildings (PD, Gov, MD, etc) is not permitted by this rule and is covered under the CSA rule. Examples of valid reasons to commit a crime during the day in populated areas include but are not limited to;
  1. The individual is part of a group that has recently contested your group’s Turf.
  2. The individual has been seen selling drugs or is present at the black market.
  3. The individual has shown that they are armed and showing hostile intent around a groups Turf
  4.   Run down and immersively not in a populated part of the city.
  5. Continuation of RP from valid locations/times.
  1. Committing crimes directly relating to or during an active turf contesting scenario or claiming is not considered in violation of this rule, so long as proper roleplay and initiation lead up to the situation. All parties involved must still display reasonable fear of consequences (e.g. Not initiating a claim attempt if uninvolved witnesses are present).
  2. Crimes during the night (between the hours of 8:00 pm-8:00 am) are exempt from Section 10 of Immersion Rules and robberies can be performed for lesser crimes and reasons (e.g: cash robbery, pocket checking, etc). Locations such as Banks and Government buildings are not exempt by this clause.
  3. Combat Logging, also known as disconnecting in a situation, is strictly prohibited. In accidental cases such as losing connection/crashing, players are required to reconnect or make reasonable attempts to contact involved parties if unable to do so such as posting in #crash-notifications  on our discord within 10 minutes.
  4. Failure to roleplay injuries adequately, including but not limited to:
  1. Players must roleplay their injuries adequately when the vehicle stalls. Players must also roleplay injuries when one would expect life-threatening injuries (e.g. rollover, hard collisions at speeds excess of 40 mph excluding PITs)
  2. Jumping off a 3 story building and running off as if nothing happened
  3. Any bump or small wreck can be roleplayed by a correct use of VOIP with grunts and noises. If a serious crash such as one or multiple flips in a vehicle must be met with a written out /me, and must go further than just a /me rubs head as you would be hurt more if you flipped.
  1. Cop Baiting, also known as committing crimes in the proximity of police officers to initiate a chase, arrest, escalation, etc without a valid roleplay reason. Examples of this include, but not limited to:
  1. Purposely doing wheelies around an officer to be arrested for no valid reason.
  2. Openly breaking traffic laws in the presence of an LEO without a valid roleplay reason.
  3. Purposely reinitiating a pursuit after losing officers.
  1. Prison Transport Breakouts
  1. Once a transport leaves the respective precinct and is not within eyesight of that precinct, breakout roleplay is permitted. Normal rules apply with the exception of the daylight rule. Criminals may attempt a breakout at any time of day.
  2. Once the prison transport reaches the parking lot of the Department of Corrections, the break-out has failed and the accomplices must make a reasonable attempt to escape the situation. They may use whatever means necessary, within the bounds of the rules, to escape the area.
  1. Driving a vehicle into the water during an evasion would be considered immersion breaking without a valid RP reason.
  1. Swimming for more than 2-3 minutes would grant KOS on you from the party you are evading.
  1. There must be a very valid reason for hostage roleplay to take place.  In some scenarios, it involves nearly every legal group and brings their roleplay to a halt.  This not only affects the legal groups but the server as a whole as it severely limits their ability to actively roleplay with other members of the community. Approval from a Mod+ is required before any hostage RP or kidnapping a Group Leader can commence with the exception of the following, and similar, situations:
  1. Arriving at a scene in which another player has already been kidnapped, where the purpose of the kidnapping was not to force a hostage situation
  2. Grabbing a hostage at the scene of an active crime to which law enforcement has responded in an attempt to negotiate your way out of it
  3. Players should avoid taking a hostage for the sake of “winning” a scenario or in order to achieve a realistically un-obtainable goal or when it is an unreasonable response to a situation.  In addition, both sides must exhibit a reasonable fear of loss. If a hostage taker is unreasonable with a hostage and the opposing side has a reasonable belief that the hostage is in mortal danger, or if there is a negotiation breakdown between the two parties, action may be taken to ensure the hostage’s safety.  This is especially true in scenarios involving law enforcement personnel as they have a duty and responsibility to protect and serve.
  1. You may not loot if you or your group were not involved in the initial situation.
  2. Shooting from a vehicle is allowed only if there is valid initiation. Only 1 person is permitted to shoot from inside a vehicle at a time. You may not initiate from inside another vehicle.
  3. Roleplay markers are stationary /do statements.  They should be formatted as such and are subject to the rules that a regular /do statement can also violate.  Players are prohibited from using roleplay markers near interactive circles, in ways that disrupt server operations, or to place advertisements on the property of any government agency.
  4. It is prohibited to use corporation vehicles for any illegal activity with the purpose of abusing that they cannot be lockpicked or for the purpose of abusing the inability to track them in the MDC.


Killing or attempting to kill a player without a valid roleplay reason is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. In cases where a player is killing FOR another player (e.g. orders, a hit) the burden of ensuring valid roleplay reason exists lies on the tasking player and not the one carrying it out. In these cases, players should ensure they are obtaining evidence of being tasked with killing another player and by who. The following are examples of killing another player that are NOT valid reasons:

  1. A player hit your car in a traffic accident.
  2. A player slightly insulted or disrespected you.

It is expected that all individuals of Mafia Town Roleplay attempt to contribute to scenario building. There should always be a great deal of consideration before another individual’s life is taken. Ensure the reasons you have for killing another player are reasonable. We want to avoid the “Dude hit on my girl” situations, as these will not be tolerated.

Turf Takes

During a turf take, non-official gangs are NOT allowed to partake in the turf situation to any capacity. In a similar vein, gangs involved in the turf take are not allowed to “recruit members” just to participate or facilitate an easier capture of the turf.

During the turf take, if you are involved in a fight or “skirmish” and are taken to MD for recovery, you are not allowed to return for a whole hour after you have fully recovered. People who have been PK’d or utilize /respawn are considered RPly “dead” for the rest of the duration of the take, and are not allowed to return at all

Vehicle Deathmatch

Players are prohibited from purposefully using their vehicle to physically harm another player unless your character’s life is actively in danger and you are attempting to flee, the only way out being to run someone over.

Gangs & Gang HQ’s

  • Headquarters of gangs that have been granted official or unofficial status by Group Management should be roleplayed as RPly populated and active.  Performing any hostile actions in these areas requires approval from a Moderator+ as well as proper planning, thought and valid RP reasoning.

              If you are wanting to initiate RP involving hostile actions towards an Official Gang HQ, you must request Moderator+ approval.

  • Unofficial gangs that operate in a capacity of 5 or more people and actively recruit or operate in a capacity of being an illegal group or “gang” must apply to become an Official Illegal Group to get tier 1 status to ensure that they fall under the same scope as any other group on the server.

Crash Policy

Combat Roleplay Situations (Powergaming Violation)

In the case of server crashes or restarts, ongoing roleplay scenarios that were interrupted are considered completed with the exception of:

  1. Situations involving Law Enforcement Officers (Police Department, Medical Department, Department of Corrections, and Department of Justice)
  2. Robberies, Hostage Situations, Vehicle Pursuits, Combat Situations, and other situations similar.
  3. Turf Wars / Turf Captures

In cases of the above, the situation prior to the server crash is paused for 10-minutes once the server is back online unless all parties involved rejoin the scenario. Any individual that does not rejoin the scenario will be considered in violation of this policy. Any individual that is unable to re-join a scenario must make a reasonable attempt to notify those involved through Discord within the #Mafia Town Roleplay-general channel within 10-minutes. Players that are finished off via sufficient roleplay (those in a downed state where roleplay was completed to consider them under NLR) may not rejoin the situation as this would be a violation of the Revenge Killing rule. If for any reason the players who were finished off are no longer in a downed state they are required to leave the situation and the New Life Rule is in effect. Players in a downed state but not finished off (NLR) must resume roleplay and are considered downed.

With the exception of the provided examples, involved players may agree to restart or continue the roleplay situations but are under no obligation to do so. Any roleplay done is considered null and void if it is not restarted or continued.

General Roleplay Situations (Combat Logging Violation)

During individual player crashes, roleplay is to be paused if possible for a maximum of 10-minutes per our combat logging rule. If a player does not or is unable to re-join during that duration, involved players on the opposing party (individuals not associated with the player that crashed) have the ability to terminate roleplay unless in situations where:

The party of the disconnected/crashed player agrees to proceed without the disconnected player (Example: Two gangs involved in a robbery, a player from gang A crashes, all members of gang A agree to proceed without them. Gang B must continue the roleplay.)

If roleplay is able to be continued, involved players must reasonably attempt to roll back to positions and circumstances of how the roleplay scenario was prior to the crash. No individuals may prematurely resume roleplay unless specifically directed by a Staff Member.

In situations where assets were lost (Weapons, Cash, Drugs, Vehicles, etc) the individual who lost the items must submit an Administrative Request on the forums. Staff Members in-game do not have the ability to issue refunds. In cases where assets are not lost, but positions or values are rolled back due to the crash players must attempt to continue roleplay. You may not contact staff to have assets moved after a crash.

In-game Microphone Usage

Our goal is to provide the most immersive environment obtainable through Grand Theft Auto V, we believe that microphone regulations will assist us in our goal.

  1. Community members are required to have an audible microphone. Interference, echoing, muffling, background noise, or using a voice changer is strictly prohibited.
  2. Community members are required to use Push-To-Talk at all times.
  3. Community members are prohibited from playing, sound effects, sound clips, and/or soundboards.
  1. Music is allowed over the mic in any immersive setting that would also not interfere with any RP (excluding events whereas music would be permitted immersively without consideration to other RP activities)
  1. Community members are prohibited from creating undesirable sounds which include but is not limited to — Farting, belching, screeching, or screaming unless the individual is creating these sounds to add to the roleplay environment. If these sounds deter from the quality of the roleplay environment it is considered a violation at the Moderator’s discretion.
  2. Yelling, screaming, or escalating the normal sound level of an individual’s voice is strictly prohibited unless a situation calls for it.
  3. Usage of a microphone is required for all roleplay. (Playing as a ‘mute’ is not permitted)
  4. Voice changers are permitted only when using a realistic voice. Any voice changes used on a character must be kept used on that character. (e.g. no changing voices via the voice changer after committing a crime.)
  5. The usage of racial slurs is not permitted
  6. Usage of languages other than English are not permitted


Killing On Sight

Killing or attempting to kill another player or their pet without valid initiation or without allowing sufficient time to respond to demands/roleplay.

When initiating on a person, there must be a weapon present and visible. This will give the player a chance to flee/defend themselves. If a weapon is drawn and aimed, A player must fear for their life. When initiating this should always include demand and a threat, such as:

  1. “Get out of the car or I will pull the trigger”
  2. “Put your hands up or I will stab you”

When initiating on a vehicle you must have a gun drawn and aimed at the vehicle while on foot.

Examples of situations during which it is valid to initiate on a vehicle are:

  1. They are baiting around an illegal location or an active RP scenario, such as repeatedly driving around non friendlies with no sign of leaving.
  2. Their car is stopped and/or off.
  3. Their vehicle is actively evading or fleeing from you.

The following examples would be considered invalid initiation or demands:

  1. “Hands up or die”
  2. “Do X in 5 seconds or die”
  3. Killing a player for not complying with demands before a reasonable amount of time has passed unless the player is attempting to escape or resist.
  4. Initiating a scenario from a car.
  5. Initiating on a large group of people solo without backup.

Valid initiation is not granted to every character in a situation unless they are significantly involved and contributing. In cases where a player is ordered to shoot in a situation prior to initiation being met the ordering player is held liable and evidence must be provided showing this.  

It is expected that all individuals of Mafia Town Roleplay add to the overall immersion and character building. Valid initiation is required at all times prior to killing or attempting to kill another player. The requirement for valid initiation is considered waived in situations fitting at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Witnessing a character seriously harming or physically threatening the life of someone your character has close relations or group/corporation ties with. (exception made to PD who can assist anyone being seriously harmed.)
  1. KOS is not granted on LEOs unless you’re actively being threatened with severe consequences for your actions. (e.g. Police driving slowly on the outside of a scene / providing medical aid would not grant KOS). (Note: these changes do not mean allies can assist you if the LEO witnessed a Felony level offense. LEOs must return fire before your allies can assist)
  1. When an individual has reasonable suspicion that they are about to be arrested for a felony or it is specifically stated they are about to be arrested for committing a felony. Reasonable suspicion is determined by the reviewing Moderator to determine its impact on the roleplay environment.
  2. The individual is part of a group that has recently contested your group’s Turf.
  3. The individual has shown that they are armed and are showing hostile intent around a groups Turf

This allowance for lack of valid initiation ends once the situation is no longer active. Interruptions greater than 5 minutes will require valid initiation to be done upon the re-initiation of a roleplay.



Roleplaying an action that is unrealistic, forcing action on another player, or enacting certain play-to-win tactics. You are required to give all players a sufficient amount of time to respond to roleplay, and in return, all players are expected to respond to roleplay in a timely manner. Powergaming includes, but is not limited to:

  1. You may not force death (Character Kill) of another character in a roleplay situation
  2. Players are prohibited from respawning in active roleplay situations unless first aid has not been applied within 10 minutes, transfer to a medical center has not begun within 30 minutes, or their character has been finished (Reference section 7)
  3. Refusing to respond to roleplay actions (/me, /do, etc). Including but not limited to offenses that stall or prevent roleplay.
  4. Providing false information in roleplay responses via the /do command.
  5. Failure to use /me and /do to confirm when performing forceful script actions (e.g. dragging, cuffing, looting/frisking, etc) on other players.
  6. Weapon models that appear on players when carrying them in the inventory or equipped are to be considered visible at all times in their assigned locations and cannot be hidden.
  7. When performing the following forceful script actions against a downed player you are not required to use a /me and do not have to receive a /do confirmation
  8. Frisking or looting a player that is in a downed state.
  9. Tieing or blindfolding a player
  10. Cuffing a player
  11. For items that would be located on a player through roleplay but not through script functionality (E.g. items that cannot be physically taken) a /me and /do are required, the following are examples:
    1. Body Camera
    2. Identification Cards
    3. Items that would be located on a player only through the means of a /do (E.g. Car Keys, Property Keys, etc)
    4. Cell phone or Radio

    You must perform a /me and receive a /do confirmation in situations where you are attempting to move a downed player. When an individual is finished off (reference point 7) no confirmation is needed for any roleplay.

  12. Continuing active resistance (e.g. running away, violent resistance) after being hit with a taser two times in a given situation
  13. You are required to respawn once the timer permits if other parties have completed sufficient roleplay that would consider your character to be under NLR. Sufficient roleplay is required – You are still expected to value another individual’s life. Examples of acceptable finishing:
  1. /me leans down towards the man, thrusting his blade into his heart.
  2. /me aims his firearm down towards the man, pumping a single round into his chest.
  3. /do Would he resist this? or /do Success?
  1. Once your character has confirmed the additional injury with the downed player by using the required /do confirmation, you are no longer required to wait for roleplay confirmation (through /do) when interacting with the player’s body as this player is incapacitated and would no longer have the ability to resist/continue roleplay.

Property Raids

Running into a lockable structure to evade a chase from a rival gang or legal entity will automatically allow the opposing party to raid your structure.Call Staff to unlock the structure. If no staff are present, the evading party must unlock the door or face a powergaming punishment.

Entering a structure and locking it and then logging out will be considered combat logging and punished accordingly.


Mixing of out-of-character information or information obtained out-of-character, in-character, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. You may ask individuals to get online, but you may not state the purpose. Getting in-game after hearing of a situation out-of-character for the purpose of getting involved is also prohibited.

Statements that refer to buttons, mouse movement, or staff are strictly prohibited, the following statements are examples:

  1. “The Gods are coming”
  2. “Flex your (Button) muscle”
  3. “If your hands were a keyboard”
  4. “If your eyes were a mouse” Statements such as “If I were a keyboard”, “If my hands were a mouse”, “If this is a game I would” or similar statements are strictly prohibited. Questions should be redirected to discord or on our forums.
  5. Aliasing someone with out-of-character information is strictly prohibited, aliases may consist of character names or nicknames only. (Nicknames don’t include things like “Cop 1” “Cop 2” “Kill this guy”) Any violations that are found will be removed and subject to a punishment.

Websites or Discords used to assist in the functioning and operation of an in-character business are also in-character by default. Any out-of-character section should be listed as such using any appropriate indicators (i.e. double brackets).  They cannot be used to facilitate or conduct illegal activities.  Their sole purpose is to add to the immersion of and assist with running a legal business.

In-character websites and Discords may not ask aplayer for personal identifiable information such as:

  1. Real Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email
  4. Age
  5. Address
  6. IP Address(s)

In addition, any Website/Discord that is considered to be in-character is required to have Lead Administration in the Discord with Administrative rights in order to monitor for any Metagaming or any Illegitimate Tactics. Approved Discords/Websites will be listed under #approved-ic-websites in the Mafia Town Roleplay Discord.

Prison Rules

The purpose of this set of rules is to ensure that a realistic and balanced roleplay environment can be created within the confines of the prison.  

CCTV Coverage & Secluded Areas

  1. The prison is RPly guarded 24/7 by correctional officers who watch every cellblock and constantly patrol areas to which inmates have access. This cannot always be represented in game by actual players, but if your character is in prison they are being watched through CCTV, one-way windows or other methods of surveillance.  In addition to the inside of the prison, the entire exterior perimeter is monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras and correctional officers within watch towers, guard posts, etc.  If you are in the prison you must roleplay this appropriately.  
  2. A secluded area is any area of the jail not covered 24/7 by CCTV or deputies. Some examples of these types of locations are the interior of cells, alcoves, nooks, crannies, and corners of rooms.
  3. Established prison gangs are permitted to conduct attacks, checks, and other illicit activities within secluded areas provided they roleplay the entire scenario extensively and immersively. In certain situations it is okay for these scenarios to spill out into public areas that would be covered by surveillance, such as someone fleeing for their life after getting attacked.  
  4. If any event occurs which those guarding the prison, even RPly, would feasibly witness, inmates should alert players in some way (via /do, /rdo, etc.).

Fear RP in prison

Inmates of the prison must always abide by realistic standards of fear. Prisons are an environment where fear rules. If inmates are needlessly provoking other inmates, causing issues, or not portraying their character correctly within the environment, they are liable to be administratively punished as the average person would fear being incarcerated.

Roleplaying Riot/Crowd Control & Chemical Agents

Any roleplayed usage of tear gas, pepper-spray or some other usage of a chemical agent intended to police or control a riot/crowd must be roleplayed by the inmates.  Additionally, anyone who is not an inmate and is not wearing a gas mask, scriptly or RPly, must roleplay the effects of these agents when it is reasonably expected that they would be affected by them.

Fight/Brawl/Riot/Killing Rules

1-on-1 fights between inmates are acceptable within a secluded setting so long as they do not lead to the death of an inmate.  Additionally, both parties must mutually agree to the roleplay. At any other time, a spontaneous fight between inmates must be accompanied by at least 3 correctional officers in game and on duty.  This includes things such as riots, killings, and similar situations.  Attacking a correctional officer requires a minimum of 4 correctional officers in game and on duty as well as permission from a Moderator+.


Prison escapes, or escapes from custody, must meet the following conditions:

Three types of escape:

  1.     Spontaneous – Unplanned and uncoordinated.  Based almost purely on opportunity.
  2.     Planned – Very well coordinated and based on rigorous planning.
  3.     Breakout – Very well coordinated and based on rigorous planning, but also receiving assistance from exterior forces.

Interior Escapes – Interior escapes may only be attempted if there are at least 3 correctional officers in game. A planned/breakout escape from the prison must be authorized by a Moderator+.  Spontaneous escapes may be executed without permission due to the potential time restriction of such circumstances.   Any spontaneous escape must be acted upon immediately and cannot be delayed for a significant amount of time in order to formulate a more thorough plan.  Abuse of the conditions regarding a spontaneous escape will result in administrative punishment and the potential of spontaneous escaping being disallowed completely in the future.

Exterior Escapes – Exterior escapes may only be attempted if there are at least 4 correctional officers in game and part of the exterior event/scenario.  Additionally, they must be authorized by a Moderator+ and spontaneous style escapes are prohibited.  Exterior escapes must be planned extensively through IC means as well as executed realistically.  For example, it is incredibly unlikely that a criminal organization would risk killing a large number of law enforcement officers to break one person out of prison.  Instead, they may simply leave tools or escape materials at a location for the inmate to pick up and use in some way.

Obstructive Behavior

Flooding a cellblock, setting fires, or realistically altering the operation of the prison requires at least 3 correctional officers to be in game.


Characters may smuggle items into the prison at their own risk if they roleplay hiding it on their person as well as documenting proof of the roleplay. A player does not require permission to smuggle any items into the prison system outside of dangerous or illicit materials, such as firearms, explosives, or escape material. Smuggled items may also be stashed with screenshot evidence to indicate items on a character are actually elsewhere.


Robbery Limitations

You may only rob an individual’s cash on hand and items within the inventory. You may not rob Police Officers, Medical Department, Department of Corrections, or Department of Justice for any of their duty weapons.

Players that are  [NEW]  may not be scammed or robbed unless they initiate hostile RP towards you.

The sale or distribution of any locker weapon from the group above is strictly prohibited

If a player has entered an interior for the purposes of customizing their character then initiation is prohibited. You may initiate outside of the interior for valid RP reasons. (i.e. they are in an opposing gang or you have had previous conflicts with the individual; not because “they are an easy score” or “I feel like robbing someone and they are alone”) Initiation is allowed up until the moment of entering the scripted area of the interior, but entering such an area in an attempt to escape an ongoing RP situation is strictly prohibited.

Items in properties can only be robbed between the hours of 8pm – 8am and with a valid RP reason (e.g. “I saw him go into the house and wanted his stuff” is NOT a valid RP reason. While – “You’re in opposing gangs actively engaged in a war.” Would be acceptable).

Owners of a property are prohibited from robbing, burglarizing or changing the key/code lock if it is being rented by another person without a valid RP reason.

Revenge Killing

When you are under New-Life Rule (referred to as “NLR” in this rule”) it is when in a downed state, if another player applies additional injuries in an attempt to kill you, then they are expected to abide by the NLR rule.  

When you are under NLR you forget everything leading up to the NLR.. Unless you have a valid roleplay reason, you may not return to the scene of your NLR injury for 15 minutes. However if all RP with that situation has ended the NLR may retrieve their vehicle. This is to prevent the ruining of scene roleplay. You may not re-join the roleplay scenario that you have NLR with any of your characters regardless of how much time has elapsed.

For the purposes of the New Life Rule, NLR is defined by respawning. NLR by respawning is not considered a character kill, meaning opposing characters involved in the situation may still use information from that situation against you. Death by character kill is considered actual death of your character, resulting in the removal of all associated situations with that character

Under no circumstance are you able to remember what happened leading up to NLR ( e.g. receiving therapy as a way to “remember” what happened.)

Sexual Roleplay

  1. All parties involved in sexual roleplay must provide written consent over /b before the roleplay begins.
  2. All parties must state their out-of-character legal age in /b before continuing any form of sexual roleplay.
  3. No individual under the age of 18 may take part in any form of sexual or erotic roleplay. Any individual under the age of 18 that takes part in any form of erotic or sexual roleplay will be permanently banned from the community with no ability to appeal.
  4. Any party knowingly taking part in erotic or sexual roleplay with an individual under the age of 18 will be permanently banned from the community with no ability to appeal the punishment.
  5. No individual is allowed to film or screenshot or distribute video or screenshots of sexual roleplay without written consent of all parties involved in /b.
  6. No individual who is under the influence can consent to any form of sexual or erotic roleplay.
  7. All individuals involved or within the vicinity of sexual or erotic roleplay are expected to comply with these regulations.
  8. Mafia Town Roleplay will report any situations that may be applicable by law.
  9. Anything determined as vulgar over VoIP, or requires /me and /do responses will be covered under sexual roleplay rules, needing /b consent and to be 18+.
             A.) Minor sexual harassment such as flirting or suggestive remarks are okay (i.e. hey baby wanna get off of this speeding ticket /me smirks staring at the woman)
             B.) Any form of sexual harassment MUST STOP if the receiving party has asked in /b.

Gross Roleplay

Gross Roleplay is strictly prohibited in any public setting. All players exposed to this roleplay must express their consent before and may revoke their consent at any time during the roleplay. This includes:

  1. Dismemberment
  2. Rape, Sexual Assault, and Molestation

Incest,  Necrophilia, and Beastiality is prohibited with or without consent

In-Character Sexual Harassment is not covered by this rule.  All regulations provided by the Sexual Roleplay rule must be followed here.

Chain of Command

You are expected to maintain our Chain of Command as a community member, failing to do so is prohibited.

  1. If you have an issue, attempt to contact a support member first. If no one is present you may move up the chain until you find someone.
  2. You are required to follow any specified processes within Mafia Town Roleplay.
  3. Spamming staff is prohibited.
  4. The Chain of Command goes as follows:
      Admin → Senior Admin

Multiple Character Limitations

Players are permitted to have multiple characters on Mafia Town Roleplay, you are expected to hold a majority average on the character that is a part of a group. Failure to do so can result in removal from a group. Continued abuse can result in group membership limitations.

Players are prohibited from having multiple characters in the same group or corporation.


Account Management

  1. Any individual whose account becomes compromised or losses items due to their own negligence will not be refunded.
  2. No player may grant access to another person(s) Mafia Town Roleplay related accounts, this includes, but is not limited to; In-game accounts, Mafia Town Roleplay Group accounts.

Real World Trading

The act of exchanging in-game currency, services, items, or other tangible benefits for the trade of anything Out-of-Character is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Real-world currency
  2. Real-world services (IE: Graphical, literary productions)

This also applies to items purchased in the Mafia Town Roleplay Shop:

Vouchers purchased in the Mafia Town Roleplay shop may not be transferred for profit in/out of game/character.

Releasing Quiz Responses & Questions

No individual may release any of the questions or responses of our Entry Quiz. Anyone caught doing so in the form of text, images, voice, or video will be punished.


All modifications are in a grey area, some are permitted, some are not. Contact a Staff Member to better figure it out.

Client side modifications that do not impact others or give you an advantage over others or otherwise alter gameplay are permitted.

Modifications or third party programs designed to alter your game, bypass or change script features or otherwise give you an advantage are strictly prohibited. These modifications are also known as hacks.  Some examples of this include, but are not limited to:

– AFK macros

– Macros used to roleplay injuries/frisking/looting/etc. to gain an upper hand

       * Macros to check a patient’s injuries, cuff a suspect, test a suspect for gunshot residue/drugs and other repeated actions as part of one’s duties is generally acceptable.

– Aimbots, health hacks, etc.

Bug Abuse

As a community member, you are required to report any bugs or system flaws as soon as you find them. Tamper with, exploiting, or using a bug will result in a ban.

Ban Evasion

Attempting to circumvent issued punishments or bans by any means is strictly prohibited. Community members are expected to serve out or appeal issued punishments as intended.

Providing False Information

You may not provide false information or doctored evidence to a Staff Member. You may not provide altered, edited, or modified evidence on Staff Complaints, Player Complaints, or Ban Appeals. All evidence, facts, and information submitted to the Staff Team must be truthful and legitimate. Attempting to alter the outcome of any Staff Decision through means including but not limited to; lying, providing false evidence, blackmail, or any other form is strictly prohibited.

Asset Sharing Between Characters

Transferring money, assets, or any items between characters is prohibited. This includes asset transfers via proxy. (Example: Bill gives Tedd $20, Tedd give Bill’s other character the $20). Generally speaking, assets from one character should not be received by another character.

Money Farming

Gaining money, assets, items, etc through illegitimate tactics will result in a character wipe and a temporary ban.


Scamming another player that causes the offending party to obtain any item worth more than $25,000 will result in the roleplay being reverted and the scammed items returned to the original owner with sufficient evidence provided of the situation.

Final Ruling

Mafia Town Roleplay staff have the final ruling in all situations, they have the ability to pause and terminate roleplay situations, and issue punishments as they see fit. The constant questioning, pestering, or heckling of a staff member’s decision will result in a punishment. Rule trolling, or constantly attempting to twist or alter rules in your favor is prohibited.

Mafia Town Roleplay – Properties, Corporations, and Group Rules

Maintaining Activity

Any player of Mafia Town Roleplay that holds the main ownership status of a Property or Corporation that goes into inactive status for more than a month will have their Property or Corporation automatically sold by our systems.

Out-Of-Character Management (Applicable to “Second Tier”/”Official Groups”)

In order to resolve out-of-character tension between groups, the following has been implemented:

  1. Group-to-group complaints can be taken out of an administrative light, allowing group leaders to work with their members to improve and individual’s roleplay
  1. Group leaders have the ability to remove members from their groups that violate their enforced standard of roleplay quality
  2. Group leaders have the ability to remove members that violate core group lore (e.g. driving high-end vehicles but group lore dictates they are a street level gang)
  3. Group leaders are expected to maintain their group’s overall quality. That group is ultimately held responsible for their members’ roleplay quality
  4. Each “Second Tier”/”Official Group” group will have a strike system
  1. The Strike System is to be used by Group Management to levy a punishment or flag towards a group for consistent violations
  2. There are no cases of immediate strikes. Each group will have the ability to work with their group members to improve their overall roleplay quality/rule infractions (e.g. combat logging in a gang war, powergaming in looting)
  3. Illegal group leaders have the ability to create and enforce out-of-character rules and regulations for their groups. These rules will require Group Management Approval. The intention here is to give illegal groups the tools they need to create and promote a healthy and fun environment

Out of Character Requirement (Group Specific)

As a community that requires voice communications, we understand the necessity for groups to have out-of-character requirements. Groups may hold the following requirements; limited to:

  1. Date of Birth / Age
  2. Individual’s Activity
  3. Corruption Limitations (only applicable to San Andreas Law)

Any and all requirements must be approved by the Mafia Town Roleplay administration. Terminations from violation of Out of Character requirements are Out of Character in nature. The only information the involved parties receive is that they have been terminated.

Corruption Rules

Character corruption, to certain degrees, can produce good-quality roleplay if done well. However, if the corruption is out-of-character (refer to each group manual) then you must request corruption permission from that group’s leader.

  1. OOC corruption without approval that involves the trafficking of confiscated paraphernalia (guns, drugs, etc.) will result in administrative punishment.

Long Term Conflict (War)

It is the general policy and goal at Mafia Town Roleplay to enhance the roleplay environment while also allowing for as much freedom in RP as possible. The below items are a guideline and should be used as a reference point instead of a defined format to be followed exactly.

Groups experiencing long term conflict (war) must state initial reasoning and clear goals for ending the conflict. War must begin with an out-of-character discussion with group management and have a valid RP reasoning.

Alliances may be formed on either side and announced to group management which groups will be participating before the beginning of the war.

Groups involved in a long term conflict may not actively recruit. (e.g. a singular person who you may consider a friend would be RPly fitting and allowed)

Wars may not last longer than 15 days. At the end of the 15 days, both groups involved begin a cooldown period of 30 days where they may not take part in another long term conflict.

Examples of valid reasoning to start a long term conflict including but not limited to;

  • Kidnapping a group leader or close family to a group leader
  • An attempt to remove a major source of income from the group.
  • An attempt to take a territory held by a group.

The goals must be obtainable and comparable in difficulty between sides. Examples of goals that could be used including but not limited to;

  • Turf Capture
  • Negotiations between the two groups (In Character)
  • A clear side winning in gang battles. This is something that should only “Win” a war if there is a majority well over 50%

Group Management has the authority to exercise discretion with the guidelines set forth. They also may exercise discretion at any point to end a conflict.



Mafia Town Roleplay – Job/Activity Specific Rules

Hunting Activity

When in the area of the hunting job, or actively doing the hunting job, you must follow the below ruleset. (Some rules here may be temporary until we work with in-character departments)

The hunting job must be completed immersively. When performing hunting, you must meet the following criteria

  1. Characters must wear typical hunting apparel
            Examples of valid clothing
  1. Dark Green Clothing
  2. Camo Clothing
  3. Black Clothing
  4. Boots
  1. Only off-road category vehicles may be used in the hunting activity area (Click link to view RAGE Multiplayer Wiki for Off-Road category vehicles)
  2. Weapons provided by the hunting activity may not be used in roleplay other then the hunting activity itself

Mafia Town Roleplay – General Community Rules


Threatening a member of the community that is on a Mafia Town Roleplay platform such as server, discord or forums is entirely unacceptable. Exceptions can be made for situations that are not on a Mafia Town Roleplay Platform such as if the situations pertaining to threats to release confidential/personally identifiable information or if serious threats of bodily harm to a member or their family members are made.

Serious being defined as more than just a simple comment (e.g., I’m going to kick your ass for this) but one that drags on and continues with multiple threatening comments, the reporting party must tell the individual to stop, that they are uncomfortable or that they are in fear for their life. They will also state that the situation will be reported if it persists. In the instance that the aggressor continues in this situation, Mafia Town Roleplay will be forced to take action in the situation and punish the user for threatening another community member.

Leaking Unpermitted Information

The intent of the release of confidential information, personally identifiable information or link-able content to Community Members is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.


Advertising of another community, project, or page directly relating to another community is prohibited. To clarify you may speak about another community but not advertise.

Intercommunity Behavior

Insulting, bashing, harassing, threatening, or leaking community content of another Grand Theft Auto V community will not be tolerated.

Paypal / Donation Chargebacks 

Any chargeback initiated towards Mafia Town Roleplay will result in a community-wide ban, without notice. You may only appeal this ban by canceling the dispute and will be required to pay a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.

Mafia Town Roleplay – Forum Rules

Forum Behavior

Harassment, flaming, trolling, attacking or slandering community members is strictly prohibited, as well as any other consistently disrespectful behavior.

Mafia Town Roleplay – Complaint and Ban Appeals specific rules


You may not post on a complaint or ban appeal that does not directly involve you. No individual may involve themselves in any manner into a complaint or ban appeal that does not directly relate to them. (E.g. “He did it to me before too! But I have no proof!“)

Statute of Limitations

  1. Player complaints for incidents that occurred more than 72-hours prior to posting are not valid. Players are expected to report their issues in a timely manner and not stockpile evidence to report further down the line.
  1. The original poster of a complaint may request the complaint to be retracted but must provide sufficient reasoning. The Staff Team still reserves the right to deny a complaint retraction if the offense is severe enough.
  1. Blackmailing an individual with reports, or holding onto reports for such purposes is strictly prohibited, anyone found to be Blackmailing an individual with a report (i.e. “I won’t post X if you won’t post X”) will be subject to a server punishment at the discretion of Lead Administration, the level of action taken will depend on the severity.
  1. Exchanging items/trading off items for a report to not be submitted isn’t permitted, items may be traded/returned as a result of the reversal of a situation, but most certainly not as payment for a report not being submitted/retracted.

Players not involved in the situation may not post a report unless you’re posting the report for someone unable to use the forums.

Evidence Uploading

All evidence posted on the forums must allow viewing without requiring a download. This can be done by uploading videos/screenshots to third party sites (e.g. Streamable, Youtube, Imgur, etc.) and providing a link to it. Evidence posted that does not follow this requirement will be ignored and removed. To be considered valid, the evidence must be un-edited and include complete audio.

  1. Support Team have the ability to utilize administrative discretion to be able to accept evidence that could technically be considered edited in certain scenarios with the permission from Staff Management. For the most part, this will be straightforward situations such as (But not limited to) combat logging, attacking players in NCZ, not doing appropriate /me’s and /do’s where audio wouldn’t be needed. In more serious situations, it would include ERP, where audio wouldn’t be essential due to the requirement of consent in /b.
  2. Any video evidence from any streaming platform UI that covers non-essential elements of the Mafia Town Roleplay UI is considered valid evidence in forum complaints / reports. eg; Your local talking / radio portion and your health / armor bar under your minimap must be visible

If evidence contains sensitive data, then the evidence can be edited to hide that sensitive data. The edited evidence must still be uploaded to allow viewing, and the unedited evidence must be made available to staffAny content posted on Mafia Town Roleplay for use as evidence on any complaint, appeal, or report is considered associated with it. Tampering with the content used in this manner (e.g. removing, editing, or otherwise restricting it) is considered tampering with evidence. When using other players’ submitted content as evidence it is expected to re-upload it and keep it unlisted. Tampering with re-uploaded content by means of seeking copyright infringement when it follows this requirement is strictly prohibited.

Mob Mentality

Mob mentality is something we try very hard to steer clear from, and as a result, no individual may “I enjoy this idea/I dislike this idea”, “Support”, or “agree” in response to a complaint or ban appeal.